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This site is a place where I share a (non-comprehensive) feed of what I've been reading + my annotations/highlights of those webpages.

I don't agree with all of the articles I clip to this page. In fact, I don't even guarantee that they're interesting! The purpose of this site is to "learn in public", in case anyone else finds my breadcrumbs interesting or useful.

If you've read any of the clippings, you might be wondering "why the heck is the formatting so screwy?" Well the answer is because every single post on here is something I read on the internet that I clipped with the Evernote web clipper into a notebook, CSS and all. It's not always pretty.


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Las Catalinas, Costa Rica - Wikipedia

Clipped on Wed-07-Jul-2021

Las Catalinas, Costa Rica From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Las Catalinas Las Catalinas, Costa RicaMaster-planned communityCoordinates: 10.481997°N 85.785682°WCoordinates: 10.481997°N 85...

The Promise and Pitfalls of International Charter Cities | The Republic

Clipped on Thu-27-May-2021

Despite the many proponents of the idea, no charter city has been successfully implemented. EKO ATLANTICThe Blank Slate Fantasy The Promise and Pitfalls of International Charter Cities Dafe OputuMay 10, 2021April/May 2021 Inter...

Greater Los Angeles

Clipped on Mon-04-Jan-2021

I got back from Los Angeles last night and my head is still spinning. I’d move there again in a heartbeat. There are three great cities in the United States: there’s Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York – in that order. I love Boston; I even love Denv...