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This site is a place where I share a (non-comprehensive) feed of what I've been reading + my annotations/highlights of those webpages.

I don't agree with all of the articles I clip to this page. In fact, I don't even guarantee that they're interesting! The purpose of this site is to "learn in public", in case anyone else finds my breadcrumbs interesting or useful.

If you've read any of the clippings, you might be wondering "why the heck is the formatting so screwy?" Well the answer is because every single post on here is something I read on the internet that I clipped with the Evernote web clipper into a notebook, CSS and all. It's not always pretty.


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How to help someone use a computer

Clipped on Thu-20-Jan-2022

How to help someone use a computer. Phil Agre http://polaris.gseis.ucla.edu/pagre/ Computer people are fine human beings, but they do a lot of harm in the ways they "help" other people with their computer problems. Now that we're trying to get ...

Eye Magazine | Opinion | What happens when the edges dissolve?

Clipped on Tue-26-Oct-2021

Autumn 1995 What happens when the edges dissolve? Loretta Staples Monitor We are livin...

Loretta Staples/Type and the Screen

Clipped on Tue-26-Oct-2021

Typography & the Screen:A Technical Chronology of Digital Typography, 1984-1997 Note: Figures could not be provided with this online version due to copyright constraints. Citations at the end of the article provide source information for these illustra...

A Pioneer of Digital Design Looks Back on a Defining Era

Clipped on Tue-26-Oct-2021

A Pioneer of Digital Design Looks Back on a Defining Era The New York Times · by Nika Simovich Fisher · March 20, 2021 Loretta Staples, a U.I. designer in the 1980s and ’90s, had a front-row seat to the rise of personal computing.When ...

Ford Office of Tomorrow – Loretta Staples

Clipped on Tue-26-Oct-2021

FORD OFFICE OF TOMORROW School of Art & Design Loretta Staples, Shaun Jackson, Ray Rackiewicz, Cindy Moon, David Chau, and Uday Gajendar Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work (CREW) Lisa Covi College of Architecture and Urban Planning Joe Filip...

Less is More 2000 – Loretta Staples

Clipped on Tue-26-Oct-2021

Writing L O R E T T A . S T A P L E S Home Biography Teaching Visual Research U dot I, Inc. Writing Painting Less Is More 2000 (or "Who Needs Design?") The recent multiple publishings of the "First Things First 2000" manifesto came as no sur...

Loretta Staples biography

Clipped on Mon-06-Sep-2021

Biography L O R E T T A . S T A P L E S Home Biography Teaching Visual Research U dot I, Inc. Writing Painting With over 20 years of experience in visual communications, Loretta Staples has practiced as a graphic, exhibit, and interaction d...

Against recognition

Clipped on Sun-22-Aug-2021

Against recognition June 28, 2021 (This post was originally part of an email update to my GitHub sponsors. I'm making it public because I like it. It's a little less formal than most things on my site.) at Dynamicland, ...