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This site is a place where I share a (non-comprehensive) feed of what I've been reading + my annotations/highlights of those webpages.

I don't agree with all of the articles I clip to this page. In fact, I don't even guarantee that they're interesting! The purpose of this site is to "learn in public", in case anyone else finds my breadcrumbs interesting or useful.

If you've read any of the clippings, you might be wondering "why the heck is the formatting so screwy?" Well the answer is because every single post on here is something I read on the internet that I clipped with the Evernote web clipper into a notebook, CSS and all. It's not always pretty.


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Land speculators will kill your game's growth

Clipped on Wed-17-Nov-2021

Developer InsightsLand speculators will kill your game's growth"The rent is too damn high in the real world. By George, let's not repeat the same mistakes in the digital one."Lars Doucet BloggerAugust 26, 2021 The hot new trend these days is games fe...

The Power of Information Equity

Clipped on Mon-09-Aug-2021

The Power of Information Equity "If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough." — Albert Einstein If I had to explain my philosophy in two words, they would be "information equity."As the Principal of Ur...

Kinky Labor Supply and the Attention Tax

Clipped on Mon-04-Jan-2021

This essay was written by Andrew Kortina and Namrata Patel. Kinky (S1) vs classical (S0) labor supply curve.Over the past few decades, labor force participation has sharply dropped for men ages 20-34. Theories about the root cause range from indolenc...

Making is Show Business now – alexdanco.com

Clipped on Mon-04-Jan-2021

Nadia Eghbal’s new book, Working In Public: the Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software, may not have been on your short list of books to read this year. It’s admittedly a nerdy topic: it’s about open source projects, roles and responsibilities;...