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You Are Most Like, Type 7:
The Enthusiast

The restless explorer. You are the one who’s always going after whatever makes you feel alive. You are like a Pandora box, nobody knows what’s coming next. Spontaneous, versatile and highly stimulated you’re up to new intense things.


To be satisfied.


Being deprived.

Enneagram 7: Overview

Imagine one of those typical quiet Sundays where nothing happens and everything seems as deserted as ghost towns in western movies. Well, your life is the complete opposite. Even in a desert you can find something to do or goals to achieve. But sometimes the emotion involved in finding the oasis can make other water sources go unnoticed. Anyway, you know it’s worth it. Like a butterfly, you flutter around chasing beauty and joy. Life is a plethora of experiences and you want them all. You’ve got a thirst for life, but unbalanced as you are, you end up never getting satisfied. Life’s short, butterfly, focus on the flowers.

What Motivates


Satisfaction and joy. Life is beautiful, mysterious and infinite. In some way you can’t stand the idea of leaving this world without seeing everything around and finding what’s out there for you. Every single moment of pain is even more painful if you think it’s a waste of time. As you fight against those feelings, anxiety cheerfully escalates in your mind just like king kong escalated the Empire State building. Actions are slower than thoughts, which in your case seem to travel in a bullet train. Very used to that rhythm, your thoughts can lose track since you don’t really know what to pay attention to first. Everything seems so amazing and valuable!

Always dancing to Celia Cruz’s song, you feel like life is a carnival and pain goes away just by singing or thinking about newer and challenging ideas. It’s such a pity that you need to sleep, uh? C’mon evolution!

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How do you think?

Let’s go back to the King Kong’s scene. You may be wondering why on earth that’s useful? And you’re right it’s not. At all. I just wanted to show you how obsessed you are with doing only useful things. Relax and keep reading. Ok, back to the scene again. There is something we can highlight: the Empire State of mind. With this highly stimulated, resourceful and out-of-hand mind of yours, every seed seems to grow on your soil. But they can also perish while you go for another crazy idea that very same seed brought to your mind. Experiences are the wind that blows your mind, you feel easily amazed by worldly things. Your eyes, like the ones of a scientist, observe everything around you honestly thirst for knowledge. "Welcome to the circus of life!" Said the doctor who brought you to this world. Well, it was "circle", but you heard what you heard!




You’re energetic and always generate new ideas


You have a hard time
trying to focus






You can be impulsive

How do you love?

Love can be the most attractive thing for 7s. Remember when you first fell in love with someone and how your story became a movie you watched before your eyes as if you were in the front row seat? All those incredible sensations while "Fireworks" by Katy Perry was playing. Do you often get lost in love fields? Does everything run fast and intense like the trilogy of Before Sunrise? Or do you want to live a love story like that one? Sights! You are such a 7!

And you should be glad. You are a huge fan of love since it represents the plenitude of life and it gives you unbelievable shots of energy to face life as it should be faced. But as soon as your idealization approaches reality, you can feel really disappointed and alone. It’s hard to compromise and stand by something that ‘s not exactly as you imagined.

Enneagram Wings

Enneagram 7 Wing 6:

The Entertainer

Seven gets an explosive blend from six. You are outgoing, a joker – but not the one from Batman, thank god, revved up and childlike but also earnest and organized when the situation calls you. As a 7 you are experience-oriented but with the 6 wing, you get interested in bonding with people.

Enneagram 7 Wing 8:

The Realist

An aggressive combination, mamma mia. As a Seven you already knew it was difficult to keep on dancing at your rhythm, but with this 8 wing you can get very tough when it comes to standing for your goals. You’re pragmatic and more focused on tasks. The 8 wing input makes you lose your scattered look.

The Average type Seven

In the average state it’s easy to get excited with new projects. Your mind pictures incredibly funny scenarios, things you got to try, places you want to go to and so on. Life is promising. That gets you high for a while but, everything that goes up must come down eventually. You hate the low downs, the flat zones. So, as soon as you start feeling trapped by boredom or time, you take a deep breath and you run back like a thunder. The good thing is that your sparkling energy usually takes you to interesting places where your eyes – trained to see opportunities and pleasure everywhere – always find nurturing experiences you can learn from. If you allow yourself to stare, great things can grow up from that. Your agile mind, always looking for beauty and pleasure, is able to create those experiences too.

The Healthy type 7

When the bike is OK, when the chain is lubed up and the brakes work well, it’s time to adventure yourself into the chosen trail. Pedal up and you’ll come back home like E.T. With the spell that made you see light where there were only reflections broken, you live in a mirage. It’s scary if you think, but surrendering brings exactly what you are fighting for. Thanks to your magnificent awareness you are capable of feeling wisdom and joy just where you are. That does not make you settle but value every stage as a destination. Finally, you meet and enjoy peace. No more anxiety surrounding all the things you are missing. You’ve finally chosen which aspect of life to embody without trying to live all of them at once. You feel grateful, everything seems an open field.

The Unhealthy type seven

Just a little swipe is enough to go from the average state to the unhealthy one. Watch out and never speed up on a bike with broken brakes. I know what I mean – it still hurts – all I’m saying is that you know how enrolling in a lot of activities feels like. Going from one activity to the other, while life passes by. Time becomes something you use up and not something you got. Like a fork, a tool you use to eat that doesn’t feed you on itself. It’s easy to forget your priorities, while your clock’s ticking, so you end up losing sight of what you want or desire, who you want to be, and which are your limits. Like time, everything is relative, so you finally are stepping on your shadow’s shadow just to run faster away from it. You think you’re escaping from it but you are running towards it.

Tips to Help You Grow:

You are not Forest, so stop running. Unless you decide that’s very important to you. Despite your mind’s ability to expand and your impressive crave to desire, it’s important you establish priorities. Believe in the potential of your decisions. Sometimes you fill your schedule with different activities as you wish you were 10 different people at the same time. But which one of them is aligned with the future you want to live in? Find what you excel at and study it, dedicate yourself to it with all the passion that characterizes you.


I know that the exciting flow of new ideas makes you feel like you’re at Disneyland. But, before you scream "YES!", please remember the actual time and effort things take to be accomplished. Roma wasn’t built in a day, and monumental things last for generations. So, I bet if you find something that you are passionate about you would want to look at it closely like a biologist looking at each detail of flowers and frogs with a magnifying glass. In a slower pace, you’ll be able to appreciate what’s around you, to discover precious information about the world and about you.

Your Main Challenges:
How to address them?


Visualize how you want to feel and start to make conscious changes to achieve that. Maybe you need to do things you’ve never done before.


Get some air. Meditation and conscious breathing can help you manage anxiety and be nice to yourself.


Being thankful for what we have is a great exercise to value the present and the past. This will fill you with abundance.

How To Be The Best Version Of The yourself?

Pain doesn’t let me be me all the time. How can I better deal with it?
We are made of every little thing that happens to us and how we deal with them. But especially how we decide to cope with our pains. There is an unlimited source of self-discovery there too. If you only identify yourself with joy and excitement, times of sadness or distress it will be tough on you, which might get worse due to the unfamiliarity and uncertainty. That pain is part of yourself too. Allow you to watch the pictures created by the nostalgic self inside of you. I’m sure there is something that needs some attention and is blocking you to get what you are looking for right.

Focus? That’s for cameras.
Yes, you’re right, dear 7. But don’t you see the similarity? Allow me to explain: You love beautiful and incredible things, you love to share amazing experiences with other people, even more if you are a 7 with a 6 wing. Your definition of life is constantly defined by the way you look at it. That’s something that happens to all of us, but your speciality is to see abundance everywhere and get excited by that. But, like cameras that convert ephemeral moments into eternal shots, the photo’s composition will be determined by your focus. Even the most wonderful landscape can’t be enjoyed without the right focus.. Focusing will organize your experience and give you the capability to act with more impact through life. You want to do something for the world? Focus! Your energy needs to be channeled!

I’m afraid of dying without doing all the things I want to do. Help me!
If it was up to you, you’d do different and extraordinary things every day. At the same time you want to play the guitar and be as great as Slash, but you also want to be the best chef and travel the world with Gordom Ramsey. You play the guitar and learn how to cook, but suddenly it seems like a great idea to start learning Japanese. Frustration is inevitable in this lifestyle. So it’s best if you complete cycles. Try to slow down. When you start to speed up, stop. Breathe and try to scan within yourself to learn what’s going on with you.
By trying to do a little bit of everything, you might end up not doing anything. Finish your tasks, and try to focus while doing them. Enjoy the process. Steady steps will lead you where you need to be. And you’ll become an expert at specific fields. If you want to be a chef, well let other people be the guitar hero. Enjoy listening to guitar concerts, inspire yourself to leave your mark with your abilities. I bet you can.

Will I feel satisfied with my life some day? And if I will, can you tell me when exactly? I want to put it on my agenda.
Ok, it’s going to be tomorrow. Or the next day. It’s always going to be a future date if you expect to find satisfaction on the outside. But satisfaction only comes when you’re aware of the present. You might be living the experience of your dreams, and don’t even notice it if you’re worried about the abstraction of happiness. In the movie of your life, the audience screams at you: "Hey! Wake up! Don’t miss the chance!". The present is a plethora of experiences to live, more nurturing and consistent than any fleeting pleasure. How can you reconnect to yourself? Don’t start anything new for a week, take your time to watch your life, give yourself a break to discover what you are scared of. And repeat slowly: I’m not late to get anywhere.

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