What is Mise En Place?

Mise en place is French for "putting in place" and is used for prepping kitchen equipment and food before serving. Mise en place, which first began being used in the late 1800s, is most commonly used today in professional kitchens, cooking shows, cooking classes, and restaurants. Chances are that you have probably used this method of cooking before, but you weren't aware of the term associated with it.

The term mise en place is a phrase that also references the discipline and organization that a good chef practices in the kitchen. If you try this process, you might find that it also saves you a lot of time while you are cooking. As you cook, slowly integrate the practice of mise en place, with which you can potentially make one of the most stressful cooking situations a breeze.

How to Properly Use Mise En Place

Applying the practice of mise en place is a lot easier than the name may make it sound. To properly use mise en place, follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Have your recipe handy and develop a plan.
  2. Gather all of your ingredients, utensils, and equipment needed.
  3. One by one, wash, cut, dice, chop, and measure all of your ingredients.
  4. Place them into appropriately sized dishes, bowls, and containers for easy grabbing.
  5. Set your ingredients around your cooking station for better accessibility.

For a larger-scale cooking project, you can place all of your cold ingredients in containers that fit in a commercial refrigerator to easily grab from as you cook. Work these steps into the beginning of your cooking process and see how mise en place can benefit cooking and baking for you.

Benefits of Using Mise En Place While Cooking

One of the biggest benefits of using mise en place in the kitchen is to save time. If you are a baker, chef, or anyone who loves to make food in the kitchen, mise en place is a cooking style made for you. Mise en place allows you to easily mix together all of your ingredients for cooking or baking in a seamless manner. By doing a little bit of prep work before you begin cooking, you can save yourself a lot of time and seamlessly move through the steps of your recipe.

Another benefit of using mise en place is to stay organized. By getting all of your equipment and ingredients in one place, you won't be going back and forth across the kitchen grabbing what you need to cook your meal. Additionally, you will know if you are missing anything, like a special bundt pan to make monkey bread or if you are a half cup short on flour to make the crust of your favorite chicken pot pie.

Examples of Mise En Place

Restaurants and professional kitchens are just two examples of where you can find mise en place being used. If you look closely enough, you will find many other examples of mise en place in your everyday life.

Other examples of mise en place are:

  • Hibachi or teppanyaki style cooking
  • Cooking shows like Rachael Ray or Barefoot Contessa
  • Washing and cutting vegetables
  • Cutting and trimming meat
  • Gathering spatulas, ladles, and bowls to be used while cooking

Now that you know what mise en place is, you can put it into practice in your restaurant, home kitchen, or bakery to make cooking or baking run a lot smoother. Use mise en place to experience the time saving benefits of this method and seamlessly cook large quantities of food for your guests and customers. Happy cooking!

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