What is Country T?


Did I miss this in the books? It's been referenced a couple of times so far in the Tencent series.

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  • "Country T" must be from the English subtitles, and I found it amusingly awful or awfully amusing.

    I think they used T國 (literally, T country) because it's a convenient way for Chinese to refer a country that does not exist in the real world. There was this Chinese move, named T省84-85 (T Province in '84-'85), used "T Province" in a similar way (there's no province in mainland China that has a name starts with T).

    No real country at all… BUT theye mention AUSTRALIA.

    UPVOTE If you know you know ;)

    Continents are ok, that's why north America is ok, but USA is not mentioned

    But Australia is a country, and is important for obvious reasons

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    Country M is clearly US, country T is some European country (probably UK)

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    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Trinidad and Tobago



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    I wonder if there are only 26 countries in the series

    They said Country-M today! I wonder if they're going to visit a certain important trade structure in country-P at some point

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    There is a possibility that they are referring the United Kingdom, but they thought "The" is also a part of the name, and thought "T" is the initial letter. On Baidu Baike (Chinese version of Wikipedia), the full name of UK dose reffer as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    It's still a stupid mistake though.

    As a chinese,i'd like to say it's normal in chinese literature works nowadays.

    True country name is forbidden to exist in novels or tv series.

    If the novel is published today,you definitely will not find true country name.

    Nah it’s fine. Producer was just too careful and tried to avoid even the slightest risk of censorship. There are other tv shows that use real country names.

    I don‘t think it’s related to censorship,anyway,it’s doesn't matter which one is country T and Cixin Liu definitely didn’t support Taiwan or Tibet.

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    Like Taiwan?

    No, it is regulation or censorship for films and dramas, they cannot refer to real regime's name, you cannot say the US has done this or that because this is fictional.

    For literature, there is no such thing, you can freely refer to other countries. But authors will of course self-censor themselves when they have to refer to domestic administration.

    Oh wow, outside of China's claims (Taiwan, Tibet etc) I didn't realize countries such as Turkey would be censored too (if the commentor above is correct)

    I think this is on purpose to remind people that it is just an imaginary world similar to ours, and to avoid unnecessary attention towards the author's political implication if there is any.

    And there is no way Taiwan or Tibet would be mentioned as "country" in Chinese television.

    If you choose a true country to place a "catastophe", there are always some people think that you don`t respect them

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    I mean they aren't censored, and they do directly refer to other countries in the same show, which makes this part a little odd honestly.

    because it would provoke diplomatic protest.(Not censorship. Because the word Cultural Revolutio itself is more sensitive than the name of T country. But the Cultural Revolutio is still mentioned in the TV series.)

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    Lmao I definitely went to check if there are any European country that starts with T, because "country T" was specified to be a European country, and I found only Turkey. But yeah, sometimes it’s just a precaution. Maybe later on there will be content that isn’t friendly to the fictional "country T" and if the actual country is named then they’d face backlash from people from that actual country. Who knows.

    it is not necessarily that the country name starts with T, consider that american is referred as country M, which is probably from the chinese pinyin of american as "Mei Guo". Then again, I could not think of anything even in pinyin that starts with T outside of Turkey(Tu Er Qi)

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    Ah yes...because we're all just Türkiyes on a farm.



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    Why not just say that then? Is this a cultural difference?

    China's film and television industry has some rules and regulations, they can not refer to existing regime's name. Even in some patriotic films and based on true story, for example, Operation Mekong, where Thailand was associated in this incident, they were also censored as "Country T". For historical dramas, if the story is fictional not real history, the characters' names must also be fictional, for example, the drama "The Longest Day in Chang'an", which is a fictional history drama based on Tang dynasty inspired by the video game Assasin's Creed, the characters inside truly existed in history but it is not allowed to use their real name, avoiding confusion with historical facts.

    For literature, there is no such thing, in the book, it clearly says the US, England, Russia, etc.

    I don't know, maybe the director is worried that directly speaking of the death of foreign scientists will annoy foreigners.

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    Turkey country

    Yeah but it says Europe, I don't think it's anything real

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