Design Philosophy

Rooted in the principles of the New Urbanism movement—environmentally friendly design, walkable neighborhoods, intertwining private and public spaces—Las Catalinas offers a refreshing new paradigm for sustainable communities that are built to thrive. Developed in accordance with the tenets below, Las Catalinas is a manifestation of our belief that there is a better way to live.

Keep architecture simple

The urbanism and topography of Las Catalinas are rich and intricate, so the architecture for the majority of the buildings is clean and consistent.

Cultivate views

Prospects of town and of the landscape surrounding Las Catalinas are thoughtfully preserved and enhanced.

Build to last

Everything in Las Catalinas, with the exception of some temporary buildings and light market structures (mobile spaces), is built to endure for centuries.

Build for the climate

Our building designs are responsive to the Costa Rican conditions, able to deal well with periods of both intense rain and intense sun.

Employ plentiful overhangs

Covered balconies and porches are useful for water protection, and they supply shade to the streets they line.

Facilitate outdoor living

Spending time outside is highly desirable in Guanacaste’s climate, and our residences provide ample outdoor living spaces. Because the sun is powerful and the rain can be intense, roofs protect the majority of outdoor living areas.

Allow for natural ventilation

Buildings are designed so that most rooms feel comfortable with air flowing in from the outside and don’t require air conditioning. (Air conditioning is allowed, but we don’t want it to be a necessity.)

Use sustainable practices

Wood and other materials utilized in construction are acquired from renewable sources. Buildings are designed to be very energy efficient. Water use must also be very efficient.

Design more than the front

All sides of a building, even its roof, are visually important and need to be beautiful.

Be authentic and practical

Everything about Las Catalinas is genuine. No structure or material poses as anything other than itself. There is always beauty in what is truly useful!