Twitter Revealed Its Algorithm To The World

Here’s what you should know!

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Jun 10

Prepare to level up your Twitter game! Aakash Gupta, aka The Product Growth Guy, recently captivated his 89K+ Twitter followers with his insightful Twitter Thread, meticulously dissecting the algorithmic factors that contribute to success on the platform.

1. Likes and retweets take centre stage

Delving into the ranking parameters, Gupta shed light on the significance of likes, retweets, and replies. Each like, he revealed, carries a 30 times boost, while a retweet is valued at 20 times the normal impact. Surprisingly, each reply carries only a 1x influence.

This insight underscores the signficant value of garnering likes and retweets as opposed to replies, ultimately unveiling the key to achieving substantial impact on the platform.

2. Both images and videos carry a significant 2x boost in terms of impact

This insight serves as a call to action for Twitter users to harness the power of visuals and elevate their Twitter presence. In a sea of text-based tweets, images and videos provide a refreshing and visually stimulating experience for users. They not only capture attention but also convey messages more effectively, evoke emotions, and foster deeper connections with your audience. A well-chosen image can spark curiosity, while a compelling video can tell a compelling story and engage viewers on a more personal level.

Moreover, the 2x boost associated with images and videos reveals that Twitter’s algorithm recognizes and prioritizes visual content, considering it highly valuable for user engagement and overall success on the platform. By incorporating multimedia elements into…

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