Todd Lands – Candidate for City Council

Todd Lands

As a 3rd generation Cloverdale resident, I have a lifelong appreciation for Cloverdale and all those who call our community home.

As a School Board Member for the last eight years, including service as School Board President, I’ve worked to improve the financial sustainability of our school district, averting a state takeover of the district due to its negative financial status when I joined the Board to building up a $2.5 million reserve fund to help soften the blow from the next financial downturn.

As a small business owner, I’ve gained extensive experience managing payroll and a budget, skills that will be more important than ever as local governments brace for the imminent financial ramifications brought forth by the coronavirus pandemic.

As a husband and father of two teenage daughters attending Cloverdale High School, I am committed to improving our community for them and all our residents on issues of sustainable economic development, greater access to the workforce housing, investing in our infrastructure and balancing our city’s budget while preserving the quality-of-life for all those who live, work and are raising a family or enjoying their retirement in this unique and special place.

I ask for your vote. Thank you.

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