Thursday March 28, 2024.

Enhancing Infrastructure: A New Main Road Project in Las Catalinas

Exciting news is brewing in town as Las Catalinas has kicked off a new collaborative project with the municipality this week, aiming to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our infrastructure. The commencement of construction signals the beginning of improvements to the main road, a pivotal development poised to benefit our local community but also the broader region of Guanacaste and Costa Rica. This ambitious initiative seeks to elevate various facets of the road, from optimizing parking spaces to introducing lush greenery through the installation of planters, all while prioritizing safety with the integration of crosswalks and sidewalks. The successful initiation of discussions and negotiations with the municipality underscores Las Catalinas’ commitment to progress, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing the tangible results of this transformative endeavor.

The comprehensive project encompasses several key components:

Mechanical Systems

This involves the installation of vital systems such as stormwater drainage, connections to the potable water system, and irrigation systems.

Dry Utility System

This aspect focuses on the integration of electrical and telecommunication systems to ensure efficient functionality.

Construction Finishes

To give the road a polished look, topcoats and crosswalks will be applied, alongside the construction of sidewalks, parallel parking spaces, and regulatory signage. Additionally, incorporating planters will contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the area.


Enhancing the surroundings with thoughtful landscaping will further elevate the appeal of the main road, creating a more welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.

This ambitious project is expected to span over eight months, covering 124 linear meters from Paseo Las Palmeras to Danta Bay.

As of March 23, the preliminary works for Section 01-A have commenced, with a brief pause scheduled for Easter week. Upon our return from the break, the focus will shift to the installation of the stormwater system in this section. To facilitate smooth progress and ensure safety, we kindly request that the public area marked in yellow, extending from Townhouses to Paseo Palmeras, be kept clear of parked cars. This precautionary measure will enable our team to work efficiently while minimizing the risk of damage to vehicles, potential accidents, and construction delays caused by road obstructions.

We will be communicating further updates as we continue to transform and enhance the infrastructure of Las Catalinas’ main road, making it even more beautiful and functional for the community to enjoy.

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