Saturday October 7, 2023.

October 7, 2023

Podcast Feature: A Conversation with Las Catalinas’ Founder

Charles Brewer, the visionary founder and managing partner of Las Catalinas, recently took center stage as a guest on the Tu Huella Podcast, hosted by Carolina Escobar. Tu Huella is a podcast that delves into the realms of sustainability and the journey towards healing the earth.

During this insightful podcast episode, Charles shares the captivating story behind the acquisition of the land in 2006, which would eventually become the canvas for the creation of Las Catalinas. This sprawling 1,200-acre expanse, featuring rolling hills and pristine beachfront access in the Guanacaste region, emerged as the perfect place for his dream—a car-free beach village by the Costa Rican sea. Charles Brewer's narrative unfolds, providing a fascinating glimpse into the genesis of Las Catalinas and the vision that brought it to life.

Navigating Real Life in A Car-Free Town

Conversation in the podcast delves into some of the common questions and challenges associated with life in car-free towns. Issues like mobility challenges and those big grocery shopping trips often come to the forefront when people start to consider car-free living.

Charles offers a thoughtful perspective. He highlights how the town's scale plays a pivotal role in making these challenges manageable. With a compact and purposeful design, Las Catalinas ensures that virtually everything is within a convenient five-minute walk. Plus, for those times when heavy rain makes a grocery run less appealing, the town has a dedicated team equipped with pushcarts, golf carts, and valet services to lend a hand.

Charming Balconies and Sociable Streets

The town's design philosophy, rooted in the principles of new urbanism, contributes to its charm. As one strolls along the narrow, car-free streets, overhanging balconies offer shelter from rain showers and shade from the scorching midday sun.

Indeed, Charles acknowledges that car-free living poses its own set of challenges. Yet, he explains, when you ask those who have visited or chosen to reside in Las Catalinas full-time, they emphasize the immense benefits. The natural sociability that walking fosters, coupled with the freedom it affords children, outweighs any minor inconveniences.

To gain a deeper understanding of Charles Brewer's visionary concept and its implementation, listen here to enjoy the full podcast.

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