Saturday January 6, 2024.

Discover Montaña Flats, Las Catalinas' Newest Residences

With the successful completion of Beach Town, Las Catalinas is now focusing on the development of El Prado, being built into the hillside just outside the urban center of town. The first neighborhood in El Prado, Terraced Flats, have already welcomed new residents, marking a vibrant beginning to this new phase. As an exciting addition, the Montaña Flats, located directly behind the Terraced Flats, are the latest release, presenting an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a contemporary living experience in this dynamic community.

Welcoming Montaña Flats to Town

The highly anticipated Montaña Flats are an enclave of thirty-eight residences behind the Terraced Flats in El Prado. The residences will descend from a peak elevation of sixty meters above sea level, with a potential connection to town’s hiking and biking trails at the top. A central stair street and series of small plazas are supported by a funicular to simply connect the flats to La Rambla commercial district and Beach Town.

Because of their elevation, Montaña Flats will have striking ocean views. The Las Catalinas Architect Office has crafted efficient, beautiful designs guided by town's design philosophy in an array of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom configurations with price points spanning from $285,000 to $1,100,000. Nestled against the backdrop of the tropical dry forest reserve, the Montaña Flats provide a serene retreat, while still offering a quick and convenient three-minute stroll into Beach Town, ensuring residents have easy access to the perfect blend of shops, restaurants, and beach and trail experiences.

El Prado's Impact on Las Catalinas

Poised directly across Camino Catalinas Street, El Prado is set to introduce an array of offices and workspaces and provide a variety of residential options tailored to accommodate those working in the new offices and full-time residents alike. When it comes to opportunities for well-living, residents of El Prado have access to hiking and biking trails and the ocean just a short walk from all areas of the neighborhood. Immersing oneself in the beauty of nature and building connections with like-minded individuals becomes effortless in this setting. The upcoming addition of a park, featuring playing fields, tennis courts, and a covered basketball/multi-sport court, promises to significantly enhance the recreational amenities within the community within 2024. Furthermore, an exciting amenity to residents can look forward to a new neighborhood pool.

An enchanting design element in El Prado is the captivating stair street. This unique feature offers a sweeping panoramic view of the ocean and Beach Town decorated with shops, residences, and plazas to enjoy as you stroll. It will create a pedestrian experience fostering meaningful connections among both residents and visitors, a contrast to the enclosed environments of gated communities and suburban living around the world.


Additionally, our partners at the bank BCT have offered preferred mortgage rates for Las Catalinas owners, providing new options for those looking to leverage and grow their equity in town.

If you would like more info about Montaña Flats, contact the Residential Sales Team here.

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