​Photo Gallery

Our pedestrian pathways foster peace and connection.
Our common house, the crown jewel of Heartwood.
Mark at Chaco Canyon. We are blessed with over a dozen National Parks, National Forests, and major ancestral pueblo ruins within a few hours of Heartwood.
The San Juan Mountains in autumn.
Many gardens and greenhouses means an abundance of home grown organic veggies.
Tennis anyone? We have a gorgeous tennis and pickleball court a couple minute walk from the cluster.
We are blessed with forests, irrigated pasturelands, and 7 miles of trails on our 361 acres. By clustering our homes, we've preserved 350 acres of open space.
A fire circle under a dark, starry sky.
We have excellent water rights for our 65 acres of irrigated pastureland where we raise livestock and organic produce.
Extremely well built, energy efficient, and passive solar homes.
Heartwood housing cluster. We also have approximately 330 acres of additional open space outside of this satellite photo.
Holiday carolers gathered around the baby grand piano and cello in Nisargo and KJ's living room.
Tamale making party in the common house kitchen.
Growing produce in the high tunnel greenhouse.
The San Juan National Forest is only a ten minute drive from Heartwood.
Greenhouse tomatoes.
Out for a hike during our annual Canyonlands campout.
Wild turkeys paying a visit to the Village Green.
Circling up before a community dinner in the common house.
The cluster in autumn with the dome greenhouse and tennis and pickleball court in the foreground.
Hosting a Rotary exchange student party at the common house.
Ronda attending to the birth of a new baby calf down in the pasture.
Our annual Turkey Trot hike on one of the trails in the north portion of our property, with the housing cluster visible in the background.
Our spring-fed pond down in the pasture.
A gaggle of teenagers jumping into John's Hole during one of our San Juan River rafting trips.
Women's circle in the yurt.
Potluck dinner on a summer's evening on the common house terrace.
A game of freeze tag at the SS Ponderosa, our fabulous kids play structure.
Yoga class in the common house rec room.
Honeybee hive down in the pasture.
The neighborhood on a winter's evening.
Cross country skiing at Vallecito Reservoir.
Front porches are for socializing and connection.
Homes on the north wing under a Colorado blue sky.
Back porches are for privacy. Heartwood offers the opportunity for community while preserving privacy.
Alpenglow on the Uncompahgre Mountains.
We've got three nearby ski resorts: Purgatory (<1 hour drive), Wolf Creek (>1 hour), and Telluride (2.5 hours).
Needles district of Canyonlands National park.
A herd of elk in the pasture.
A game of whiffle ball on the playing field.
Cross country skiing on the 7 miles of Heartwood trails.
Sandy tending new starts in the seedling house.
Sandy at the common house with freshly harvested produce.
Jack and Michael grilling chicken on the common house terrace.
Janet and Mary having fun preparing dinner in the common house.
House concert in the common house.
An autumn tradition, making apple cider in the Village Green.
Killing time at the basketball court.
Home #6 is a built-by-owner, strawbale timber frame home.
Ronda and Jack's wedding at the common house.
Heartwood gang hiking at Vallecito Creek.
Ping pong in the common house.
A bit of fun and mayhem on the sledding hill.
The SS Ponderosa with fresh snow.
Many canyon rivers in the area make for great rafting, kayaking, and paddle boarding.
The hearth room in the common house is home to team meetings and quiet conversations.
Dining room and kitchen in home #21.
Fourteen of our homes are built with light and spacious basements.
Rocket, Pocket, Toot, and Puddle.
Mesa Verde National Park is one hour away. Thousands off smaller ruins can be found throughout the canyons west of us.
Camping at one of the many nearby mountain lakes.
Dancing at the New Year's Eve party in the common house.
Strolling on the pedestrian pathway.
Heartwood is located at 7000 feet in the southern Rocky Mountains, which gives us a lovely four-season climate with over 300 days of sunshine each year. The red rock canyons of the Colorado Plateau are close enough for a day hike. A person could never in a lifetime explore all of the natural beauty within five hours of Heartwood.
Master bedroom in home #10.
Durango is a delightful mountain town less than a half hour from Heartwood.
Tom sitting with the fire under a brilliant starry sky.
Happy calf, proud mama.
A fire in the hearth room brightens the holidays.
Golden aspen leaves under a cobalt blue sky.
Being passive solar, all of our homes are bright and sunny.
Gail on a hike in canyon country.
Heartwood's front entry gate.
Teenagers getting crazy on a hike in Canyonlands.
One of our favorite traditions – our Christmas Eve Posada party. We dawdle from home to home, eating and drinking as we go.
Happy farmers harvesting in the high tunnel.
Home #20 is another beautiful strawbale timber frame home.
Katie cross country skiing past the common house.
Kids of all ages play together in the Village Green sandbox.
Heartwood Lounge and Racquet Club. Maybe the most delightful tennis and pickleball court in the world.
Bevan with sunflowers.
Upper deck at home #17 overlooking north wing pedestrian pathway.
Dinner time in the pasture.
May Peace Prevail on Earth.