Fresh Clubbed Baby Seal

Pets or Food™ is proud to announce that we have renewed our exclusive arrangement with Russia’s premier furrier to provide freshly clubbed and frozen baby seal meat to American dinner tables!
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Only $68.99 each

From the CEO

Pets or Food™ was founded by a member of MENSA, the high IQ society. We are dedicated to bringing consumers healthy, certified organic animals at wholesale prices. Whether you’re getting a pet lizard for your son or a dozen Doberman flank steaks for a SuperBowl party, you won’t find lower priced animals anywhere else that are better suited for Pets or Food™.

Sidney Zwibel, CEO Pets or Food
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Free Shipping Offer
Place a Pets Ready to Eat (PRE™) order over $200 and Pets or Food™ will ship your order for free!
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Pets or Food™ is Organic
When ever possible, our animals are raised in a hormone and pesticide free environment. All of our organic products meet California’s Organic Foods requirements.
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Pet Ready to Eat™ or PRE’s™
What is a Pet Ready to Eat™? Pets or Food’s™ patented method of food preparation that delivers only the best cuts of meat and bountiful giblets for discriminating connoisseurs.
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