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Low country coastal community

Palmetto Bluff

Bluffton, South Carolina

We designed a resort community on an 18,000-acre barrier island bounded by rivers and wildlife preserves within South Carolina’s coastal, low country.

Based on the area’s majestic landscape and the relaxed life style characteristic of the earliest English and French settlers, the vision for Palmetto Bluff established a community set into a vast protected pine forest. At its center along the May River is a pedestrian scale village fashioned after a historic coastal town.

We like to work with clients who are committed to creating places that preserve and protect great natural settings.

Explore Palmetto Bluff

The Inn at Palmetto Bluff

The River House is ‘The Gathering Place’ for the Inn, nestled amongst majestic oaks on the banks of the May River. The architecture reflects the low country style at Palmetto Bluff.

The Cottages at the Inn

Fifty rooms sit on land alongside the River House. Twenty-one duplexes and eight suites command spectacular water views from private screened porches.

Wilson’s Landing

The latest addition to the Village serves as the focal point for life and activity on the water. Conceived of as a "Bridge" between the Water Trail and the May River, the Canoe Club is a primary gathering spot for residents and guests.

The May River Golf Club

Situated amidst the oak canopy of the May River Forest in Palmetto Bluff, the Golf House serves as an informal backdrop and gathering place for the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. The architecture, landscape architecture and interior design of the Golf House was inspired by its natural setting.

Designing a complete environment

Palmetto Bluff extends the low country traditions of coastal life within a vast protected natural setting. Our strategy, positioning and design transformed an 18,000 acre barrier island landholding into a prestigious community of sustainable and conservation based development.