Nesin Mathematics Village Regulations

  1. The Nesin Mathematics Village (NMV) is an exceedingly free environment. One`s freedom at the NMV ends only where others` freedom and the present laws of the republic of Turkey begin. No-one may interfere with anyone`s beliefs, lifestyle choices or opinions.
  2. The priority at the NMV is the study of mathematics. No-one`s right to study may be taken from them or restricted. Someone who is in the act of studying is not to be disturbed (including questions like "wassup?") except in cases of unpreventable emergencies.
  3. At the NMV there is no broadcasting of television programs or music at ant time, including mealtimes, except on few special occasions.
  4. The NMV is firmly set against vulgarity, pop culture, ugliness, dirtiness, and unbridled consumerism. For example, at the NMV one does not litter – including cigarette butts – nor otherwise harm the environment, one does not put into one`s plate more than one can eat, one turns off unnecessary lights, one does nor curse or speak excessively loudly, etc.
  5. Students at the NMV will (according the their physical capacities and capabilities) will fulfil certain tasks which do not require too much time or energy, such as dishes, cooking, watering, planting trees, or even sometimes construction work. They will perform these tasks satisfactorily and in rotation. None shall be assigned a task which is beyond their capacity.
  6. Students which do not espouse the principles of the NMV, those lacking the maturity not to abuse the freedom provided to them by the NMV or the trust placed in them by the same, those who perturb or disturb others around them, those who cause harm the environment and the Village, and those who neglect to study or attend lectures will be dismissed from the Village, without necessity of providing a justification.
  7. Residents of the NMV must understand that the village was founded on very restricted means, with the help of the people, and at the cost of much sacrifice and hardship, and that it does not aim to make profit. They should understand these points and act accordingly.
  8. The pine forest at the back (the western side) of the NMV is an important resource that must be protected. One should not smoke near this forest, nor litter with pieces of glass or lighters, which may cause fires.
  9. Residents of the village rise at 7:00 am.
  10. Excepting cases of illness and such mitigating circumstances, students must be awake at the hour of the first lecture, whether they are attending it or not. High school students must attend all lectures, and university students must attend those they have committed to attend at the beginning of the teaching period.
  11. Students will not be considered registered until the agreed fees have been paid. Fees will be refunded in full upon cancellation on condition the cancellation is made at least a month before the start date of the stay. If the cancellation is made at least 15 days before the planned stay, half of the fee will be reimbursed. After this date, and in case the student requests to leave the village for whatever reason, no reimbursement will be possible. If funding from certain institutions is received at a later date, students having completed their stay may be partially reimbursed.
  12. High school students and students under 18 years of age must get authorization from the director when absenting themselves from the village.
  13. Our doors are wide open to visitors (not that we have any doors to close anyway)!However we would be grateful if they made their visits quietly and without taking up too much of the visitors` (precious, to them) time.

– Village Mukhtar