Drawstring bag made from recycled leather.

Recycled board is an environmentally friendly recycled material imported from Germany, which he has been producing for 80 years
, and is made by collecting cut pieces of genuine leather, pulverizing them, mixing them together, and
reprocessing them.
The more you use it, the more the leather taste comes out. It can be washed if it gets dirty.
Applying liquid leather oil once or twice a year will prevent deterioration, deepen the color, and soften the texture.

Blend ratio: Recycled leather 70% × Latex resin 30%
Size: W170 × H240 mm

Precautions for use:
Please handle with care as it may tear if you pull it forcibly during use.
Please use a neutral detergent diluted with water.
Please limit the weight of the bag to 2KG.

Product code: ra-kin

Kinchaku Bag

Sales price (tax included) : 6,490 yen
Number of pieces

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