Living fully in Las Catalinas

Living fully in Las Catalinas

Lantana Residences

Lantana is a neighborhood in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica, unique in that its residences flank a picturesque stair street. Offering the most dramatic urban and ocean views in Las Catalinas, Lantana is a haven on a hill just a short walk from town. Adjacent to world-class hiking and biking, Lantana Residences cater to those who value adventure and an active lifestyle.


Lantana is made not just for living but for living fully.

Built into the hillside of El Prado just outside the urban center of Las Catalinas, Lantana embraces the purpose of a car-free town where pedestrian life is the priority, private and public spaces interlace, and architecture is adapted for outdoor living.


Lantana Residences are beautiful, functional, and will last for generations.

Designed to embrace outdoor living, Lantana Residences adapt to the topography by hugging the natural landscape, which affords spacious outdoor terraces and balconies with panoramic ocean views. Lining two sides of a pedestrian stair street, Lantana Residences are easily accessed from Beach Town and offer the services and amenities, as well as utilities of a gateway city, all while being surrounded by true unadulterated Costa Rican tropical dry forest.


Commencing construction in Fall ‘23 Lantana Residences allow you to live fully in Las Catalinas. Available for pre-purchase, owning in Lantana Residences is ideal for those seeking elevated comforts, conveniences, and pleasures in a destination with soul and charm. Intuitive service offerings make Lantana perfect for either a vacation home or primary residence.

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