La Rambla: Costa Rica’s First Beachside Commercial Center Reimagines a Better Way of Living

October 13, 2023

La Rambla, Las Catalinas’ Beachside Commercial Center

Introducing La Rambla, town’s new beachside commercial center, set to open in late 2024. La Rambla will act as Las Catalinas’ commercial core, spanning 67,800 square feet across five buildings along Calle Las Catalinas. This innovative center will be the country’s first beachside commercial center, providing town with a dynamic mix of services, dining options, offices, retail spaces, and residences, all designed to change the way people live, work, and enjoy life.

Conveniently Located: a Three-Minute Stroll TO everything

La Rambla’s commercial and residential spaces are a mere three-minute walk from untouched nature, the vibrant entertainment district of Plaza Mercado, and picturesque Playa Danta. Given the significant permanent resident population in Las Catalinas, La Rambla presents an exceptional opportunity to blend your living and working life, integrating everything with an architectural charm unique to Las Catalinas.

La Rambla is a place where you can start your day with morning surfing, stop into a bike shop right next to the office, and then access world-class trails just two minutes away from your workplace, while living right in between. This ideal setup allows both residents and employees to adopt a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Joining La Rambla opens doors for businesses to access a premium destination, full of community-building events, and cultural offerings.

Since its inception, Las Catalinas has been a leader in the movement to build highly walkable neighborhoods, towns, and cities. In 2022, The Congress for New Urbanism celebrated Beach Town, the first neighborhood within Las Catalinas, with a Charter Award recognizing the town for achieving "more equitable, sustainable, connected, healthy, and prosperous communities." La Rambla follows suit and continues to be completely walkable, learning from the precedent set forth by walkable towns and cities internationally. None of the buildings will have or use garages, all guests and owners will use valet, or simply make use of shared ride services.

The Vision That Drives La Rambla

"In recent years, many people are re-evaluating their priorities," Las Catalinas founder Charles Brewer explains. "In a world that is increasingly virtual, they appreciate the importance of the places where they physically live and work more than ever. People crave easy and enjoyable interactions with other like-minded people. They crave a connection to nature. They want to be surrounded by beauty. They want access to enjoyable outdoor activities. All of this can be accomplished exceptionally well in Las Catalinas, and La Rambla provides the opportunity for companies to offer this lifestyle to their employees and customers to a degree that is available in very few places."

For those intrigued to delve deeper into founder Charles Brewer's insights regarding the challenges and merits of walkable communities, we invite you to explore this enlightening podcast.

Current LA RAMBLA Progress UPdaTeS

The project is scheduled for completion in fourteen months. As we witness the diverse array of amenities that La Rambla is set to bring, Las Catalinas is successfully shaping a comprehensive town tailored to daily needs offering more service and infrastructure. Looking ahead to the completion of La Rambla, it is not about building structures, it is about building a truly fulfilling lifestyle. We invite interested businesses to contact Las Catalinas for more information on construction timelines and availability here.

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