What is Kibbo?

Kibbo is a co-living company that brings together vanlife, clubhouses in unique locations, and community for a new way to live, work, and explore the West Coast.

How does Kibbo work?

Kibbo is a new way to live. Our vans replace your bedroom as a movable, tiny home, connected to remote locations and urban cities across the West Coast. Our clubhouses are your home bases — a place where you can relax, recharge, hang out and be productive. We have fast Wi-Fi, fresh facilities, laundry, and cozy common spaces to work and relax.

Included in your membership is a stocked kitchen and pantry with all the essentials you need to make healthy meals and snacks. You can also borrow excursion-specific gear — like mountain bikes or paddle boards — so you can get into nature.

How much does a membership cost?

We know everyone's journey may look a little bit different and we want to make sure our pricing is flexible and inclusive for everybody. Monthly memberships are $150 per person. Pricing for our vans and locations vary depending on how you want to use Kibbo. You can learn more on our pricing page here.

Can I do Kibbo temporarily, for a weekend or a couple of weeks?

While we will introduce weekender options for short-term stays later, our primary goal is to provide an alternative to traditional housing. We see Kibbo as a strong community, and maybe even a prototype for the city of the future and we’re looking for people who want to build that with us.

Can children be part of the Kibbo community?

Not yet! Check back as we continue to grow to learn more about how we can serve families with children.

Where are your clubhouses?

Our first outposts will open in fall of 2020, in open, natural environments like Ojai and Big Sur, California; Black Rock Desert, Nevada and Zion National Park.

Starting in 2021, we are launching in core urban locations of San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and others, while expanding to beaches, forests, deserts and mountains across the West Coast. Stay tuned for specifics on locations.

Do I need to have a van?

Yes. We are a place for people who have decided to live a little bit differently. Kibbo is designed with van life in mind. Think of your van as your mobile bedroom; our clubhouses have everything else you need.

Can I bring my own van?

You are welcome to bring your own van, provided it meets our high standards and is in good condition.

I have an RV or trailer. Can I join Kibbo?

We are focused on vans to start, but RVs that are under 25 feet long and meet our standards are welcome.

What happens after I sign up?

We will be in touch to get to know you a little bit better so we can continue to build our community with intention. We’ll also keep you updated as our first fleet prepares for its maiden voyage in fall of 2020.

What are your values?

At Kibbo, we are actively working to build a diverse and inclusive community. We want to create a more sustainable, affordable, and equitable way of living that is an open, welcoming, and safe space for people of all backgrounds.

We are looking to co-create Kibbo with like-minded people who share our values:

We are kind
We are creative
We take responsibility for ourselves
We help others
We welcome strangers
We leave things better than they were
We respect privacy and value community
We are active
We take an active interest in others
We ask others to join in
We join in
We take the time to listen and to explain
We practice tolerance and patience
We take care to not let other feel embarrassed
We are not easily embarrassed
We are adventurous
We are explorers
We are curious
We are doers
We take initiative
We are honest and open and direct

When will Kibbo be available?

Our first cohort will be setting out in Fall of 2020. This will be a small group helping us prototype our community and service offering, making sure we get everything right before we bring on more people. We will be relying on this first group for constructive feedback and support building and codifying our values and charter so we can continue to build our core community with safety, inclusion, and belonging for all.

We’ll be in touch throughout the process so you can plan accordingly.

How does the referral program work?

You can refer up to five friends, and when you refer a friend and they sign up for a membership, each of you will get a month free. Because Kibbo’s pricing is dynamic and customizable, the amount you each get is based on the lesser value of what each of you pay.

This benefit is based on actual site fees paid out as a credit quarterly pro rata.