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I’m going to Uruguay for a longer time, probably Montevideo in November and I’m currently checking out all my options. I was wondering if there is anybody here from Uruguay or somebody who lived there who would be able to give me some tips on this:

  • Any co-working recommendations where I would be able to rent a desk?
  • Just started on my Spanish course and it will be beginner level when I’ll be there. Would this affect my stay? Any tips on this? Maybe some spanish schools/classes?
  • Maybe planning on buying a car/motorbike when there. Any tips on this?
  • I’ll get a 6 month visa on arrival, does a simple visa-run to, say, Argentina work for extending it?

Thanks guys!


Is it difficult to find a place to rent without a work visa?


Renting in Uruguay is becoming harder and harder. You need 6 month worth of rent money as a guarantee. YES 6 months, and also an ID card and prove yourself you will have the money to rent for at least a year. (thats the 6 month in advance gurantee for). Now you could also do some deals over airbnb, but that depends on the owner…


Hi there

I think i’m the only one here living in Uruguay as an expat so i can give you a few tips.

Uruguay is an expensive country but it has excellent connectivity on par with scandinavian countries, fiber optic based in all montevideo.
Also in Uruguay you can setup a software company here and dont pay any income tax and VAT tax if your clients are all abroad. I know some expats that have done this.

There are a few co-working spaces in Montevideo, i dont use them because i mostly work from home, but here are a few:

Co-Work Uruguay | Coworking · Empresas · Freelancers · Oficinas Compartida

Espacios de cowork en Montevideo, Uruguay. Somos más que una oficina: Coworking, empresas, freelancers, salas de reuniones y mucho emprendimiento.

In terms of english, Uruguay is like spain or italy, few people on the street speaks english fluently, so i recommend you to practice your spanish. I didnt have this problem because spanish is my native language. Best option is to get classes and immerse you in the city life.
About buying a car or motorbike. Uruguay is the most expensive country in America for cars. All cars are heavily taxed so expect prices to be double than in USA and the variety of cars is not so good.
Public transportation is cheap and "good" for first world standards, and you have Uber now.
Dont worry about visas, when yours expires just take the ferry to buenos aires for a weekend and come back. There is no paranoia here for foreigners staying more than they should like in europe or USA

If you have other questions let me know


Hi Oscar!

Thanks for your quick reply! As for the costs, I was aware, not much different than what I’m used to. I do have all my legal entities and customers in Europe and I’ll find out what would be easier. You need anything like a resident-permit to do this?

And for the car, if I would still go ahead with this, would it be possible to buy one on a tourist visa?

Anything else you’d like to add on daily Montevideo life that would help me preparing? Maybe some expat communities, business meet-ups, dinner-groups? I’m an IT guy but in my spare time always busy with food & wine



Yeah i just warned you about the costs because most nomads prefer cheaper alternatives in SEA or other latin american countries north of Uruguay

If you want to setup a software company here i think you need to be a resident, but getting residence here is way easier than in first world countries. The only thing you need to deal with is the horrible southern european bureacracy if you know what i mean.

Not sure about buying a car on a tourist visa. I guess you "can" but legally i think you need to be a resident, cause you have to pay tax for using a car and also car insurance.

I’m not too much into the local expat community,mostly because i’m nomading myself much of the year, as a matter of fact im leaving to europe tomorrow, but i think i will be back to uruguay by november for the summer.

How old are you and why did you choose Uruguay??


I’m moving to Uruguay with the gf, she got a PhD offer at the university. Since I can work remote I decided to join. I’m in my early thirties and have some long term contracts with clients here that wouldn’t mind me working from South-America. I am however always on the look-out for new possibilities in new places.

From reading on up on your co-working suggestions it seems the startup scene in Uruguay is also thriving, looks interesting!


ok cool!
The startup scene is becoming bigger and bigger here. As Uruguay is a small country the government is trying to make services and priority and help local entrepreneurs and also working remotely is becoming more and more popular. The IT sector in Uruguay has zero unemployment, even if the wages are not as high as in the first world, Software and Systems engineers are one of the best paid careers locally.

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