Directory of coliving directories

How to find a coliving/intentional community

A common question we get: Is there a comprehensive directory of coliving communities?

The answer is … not really. Or at least not to our knowledge. If you’re looking to try out coliving, your best bet is still probably to reach out to people who know the scene locally.

But there are some good starter lists out there that cover certain regions or types of coliving.

Here are the ones we know about. If you know of others, send our way ([email protected]) and we will add it to this post.

For urban intentional communities

  1. For the Bay Area: The Haight St Commons Housing Roundup:

  2. For Washington DC area: Lovers of Living Together Email list and Facebook Group

  3. This nice Twitter list compiled by @amiyoshimura_:

  4. The Autonomous Spaces & Intentional Community directory maintained by some generous volunteers who prefer to not be named

For cohousing and ecovillage projects:

  1. Foundation for Intentional Community



For commercial (for-profit) coliving spaces


  2. The Coliving Bible, an open source directory of coliving spaces and resources

Shameless plug: Radish, my community in Oakland has a rare opening in August. More info here.

And if you want to build the definitive directory, hit us up! We’d love to support you. This is much needed (and 3 other business ideas here).

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