Design for Play in El Prado: Parque Central

January 18, 2024

Parque Central: An Evolving the Landscape

Following meticulous planning over several years, El Prado has come to fruition, with its infrastructure reaching completion in October 2023. During the extensive planning stage, the Las Catalinas team had ample time to dream up inspiring, innovative ideas and tap into the collective experiences cherished by all in Beach Town, including some new ways of incorporating spaces for play and socialization into the neighborhood, like Parque Central, now under construction.

El Prado: A Landmark Achievement

The first El Prado residents have now moved in, and several homes are under construction just across the street from the now fully completed Beach Town on the other side of Camino Catalinas. The development will contain more offices, businesses, and places to work, like La Rambla, as well as a variety of residential options, including housing for people working in these new businesses, and living spaces for other full-time residents. As always, design and urban planning continue to improve, and one way that it is expressed is through unique elements created for play.

Sports and Recreation in Town

Featuring three distinct outdoor tennis courts, each surrounded by fencing, and a covered multi-sports court, everyone will have more space to move and play. Presently, two out of the three retaining walls enclosing the tennis courts have been successfully constructed, with the forthcoming phase focusing on the installation of concrete slabs for the courts. The multi-sports court will have real grass and space for a five-on-five soccer game. Additionally, a communal swimming pool is planned for this area, enhancing the overall leisure options within the community.

The soon-to-be playground is presently undergoing leveling. The playground has been designed with a vision of a dynamic space where children can freely sprint over a substantial distance. This spacious area will accommodate energetic games like tag and provide children with ample room to run and play at full speed. The area will be adorned with numerous trees that, once mature, will offer ample shade, creating a welcoming environment for picnics and activities. A retention pond will be left dry to capture heavy rainfall and debris, and will double as a play space when not in use during the dry season. Anticipate classic playground equipment with a versatile, playable ground cover adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the play experience.

Tranquil Trails, the Pedestrian Walking Circuit

Discover a serene escape within Parque Central through the pedestrian walking circuit Paseo del Parque, which is now useable. Spanning almost half a kilometer, this carefully designed pathway provides an ideal space for strolls that also accommodate strollers, marked in the above image with red fencing. Surrounded by native plantings and trees, the circuit offers a refreshing natural ambiance, inviting residents and visitors alike to embrace the beauty of nature while enjoying a relaxing walk in the heart of the community. This addition caters to individuals of all ages and fitness levels within the community with no stairs or steps. With an abundance of trail space dedicated to both biking and hiking already, this is an inclusive opportunity for everyone to engage in outdoor activities.

As Las Catalinas grows and El Prado takes shape, Parque Central will be surrounded by houses and townhouses around it at lower elevations, with a network of comfortably walkable stair streets guiding the way up the surrounding hills. This blend of residential spaces and interconnected pathways allows for the integration of nature and community, with plenty of spots to stop along the way. Marking a significant milestone, the completion of Parque Central is scheduled for 2024, promising a vibrant and cohesive environment for all to enjoy. Las Catalinas will remain a town where motorized vehicles are refreshingly absent but with even more opportunities to play and connect.

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