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Convert arch doorway to standard door

I have a arched doorway at the moment without a frame or door. The wall is not load bearing. How do i square the arch off and add a new frame. What tools would i need. Would i need to add a lintel, if so what measurement do i need to take.

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Harlow Member since 25 Aug 2011 16 jobs, 100% positive feedback

Im presuming this is internal.This archway is hiding what was once a normal door size has been created by removing the old frame and adding an arch former kit.if you were to remove this (it is only thin mesh fixed to the sides and top of the opening and covered in plaster) you will be left with an opening that will take a door will also see if there is a lintel in place (most of the time there is unless its a stud wall,in which case it is not required).the mesh can be removed by hammer and bolster,scutch comb or crowbar then once the frame has been fitted its just a case of making good the plaster around the frame.if in doubt get a builder to take a look but its an easy job and will not cost much at all.

Answered 3rd Oct 2011


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Ruislip Member since 5 Jun 2011 10 jobs, 100% positive feedback

No lintel is required
Use timber to frame the opening to the correct measurements for the door frame
Plaster board the stud work than add the door frame and hang your door

Answered 14th Aug 2011


Rebel Carpenter

Waterlooville Member since 24 Sep 2008 13 jobs, 100% positive feedback


If you are not sure what you're doing. It might be worth getting somebody to look at it first, just to be on the safe side.

Answered 14th Aug 2011


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Romford Member since 29 Jul 2011 32 jobs, 100% positive feedback

Yes you would need to fit a lintel, but only a light weight one as it only needs to support the brick work you are adding. Unless you knock out the arch brick work and fill in with brick work courses. Then you would need a heavier duty lintel because the weight is being spread. The lintel has to sit in the brick work 150mm either side.

Answered 14th Aug 2011


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