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Cloverdale Municipal Airport Referral Area

There is little existing land use incompatibility in the vicinity of the Cloverdale Municipal Airport. The Airport’s environs consist primarily of agricultural and industrial areas plus the Russian River.

Many future uses are projected to be similar. In addition, visitor-serving commercial and recreation areas are expected to be developed near the airport. One area of concern is the rising terrain beneath the traffic pattern northeast of the airport. Because this hillside is some 300 feet above the airport elevation, aircraft typically fly over at altitudes of only 500 to 700 feet above the ground.

The agricultural and widely scattered rural residential uses which presently occupy this land are compatible with the airport, but any proposed development, especially of a residential nature, would have to be examined very critically.

The primary referral area for Cloverdale Municipal Airport (Exhibit 8A) runs close to the airport on the west since there is no traffic pattern on that side, but extends some 6,000 feet to the east to encompass some of the high terrain in that area. The existing U.S. Highway 101 right-of-way provides a convenient western boundary. On the southwest side, Dutcher Creek Road, provides a partial boundary. On the other sides, the general lack of suitably located roads and other geographic features leads to reliance on parcel lines for definition of the referral area limits.

Comprehensive Airport Land Use Plan
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