Photograph by Jim Alinder

Buying a Home

"It must be assumed that all owners of property within The Sea Ranch, by virtue of their purchase of such property, are motivated by the character of the natural environment in which their property is located, and accept, for and among themselves, the principle that the development and use of The Sea Ranch must preserve that character for its present and future enjoyment by other owners."

The Sea Ranch CC&Rs

The Sea Ranch is a community association located on ten miles of wild and beautiful Sonoma County coastline in Northern California. The Sea Ranch was planned to harmonize with its natural setting and the building traditions of the region. It is internationally known for its distinctive architecture, the sensitivity of its land planning, and its community-based stewardship of the natural environment. As of mid 2020, The Sea Ranch community association is comprised of 2,227 homes and undeveloped lots.

Design Principles Make The Sea Ranch Unique

The Sea Ranch is a community association bound by a shared vision of respect for the natural environment. Here the beautiful and dramatic natural setting predominates and homes are designed to blend in with their surroundings. The following ‘non-suburban’ features and other design elements express The Sea Ranch philosophy of ‘living lightly on the land.’

  • Most houses are modest in size and designed to fit into their surroundings.
  • Most houses are wood sided and stained, not painted.
  • There are no streetlights, sidewalks, mailboxes or flower gardens.
  • There are no brightly colored amenities to distract attention from nature.
  • Fences along property boundaries and lawns are discouraged.
  • Planting native species is encouraged.
  • Propane tanks and garbage areas are screened.
  • Streets and driveways are not lined with cars.

Living at The Sea Ranch, written in 2019 by members of The Sea Ranch Vision Committee and available locally, is a visually rich and comprehensive resource about this unique community.

Community Restrictions Govern House and Landscape Design

The appearance of The Sea Ranch derives from deliberate decisions to follow the guidance of The Sea Ranch Restrictions, Covenants and Conditions (commonly referred to as the CC&Rs) and other rules and regulations. All Sea Ranch property owners are bound by the CC&Rs. Sea Ranchers accept limits on their freedom to do as they wish with their property in order to protect the integrity of the community and its environment. This is our covenant. The CC&Rs are the foundation of The Sea Ranch community.

The CC&Rs establish a professional Design Committee to review all construction and landscaping plans. No work may proceed without Design Committee approval. Members of the Design Committee and staff aid owners in a collaborative design process to find the unique potentials of a site and achieve building and landscape designs consistent with The Sea Ranch vision. The Sea Ranch Design Manual and Rules was adopted to help owners and their designers and architects through the process of designing/building or remodeling a home at The Sea Ranch.