Brian's Vision: Embracing Living, Working, and Playing in Las Catalinas

August 24, 2023

Meet Brian Funcik, a valued senior member of the Las Catalinas’ Residential Sales Team, and in the Las Catalinas community. Nestled in the heart of Las Catalinas, a destination that embodies simplicity, tropical charm, and sheer beauty, Brian lives and breathes the essence of this place. The very concept behind Las Catalinas is to create a better way to live, work, and play. Through his daily interactions with potential homebuyers, Brian not only articulates this innovative idea, but also imparts personal anecdotes from his everyday experiences. These simple stories serve to vividly illustrate what it truly means to embrace and live the essence of the Las Catalinas’ vision, reaffirming that living this lifestyle is truly a possibility.

Chasing Waves in Costa Rica

Brian relocated to Costa Rica to indulge in his passion for surfing, and he remains an enthusiastic surfer to this day. In passing, he discusses his recent weekend adventure to Witches Rock, a sizable rocky outcrop located just off the shores of Playa Naranjo. Renowned for its breathtaking golden sands, minimal tourism, and, most significantly in Brian’s eyes, powerful, open surf breaks, this location is a magnet for surfers. Found within Santa Rosa National Park, Brian, like most local surfers, opts to arrive by boat and enjoy the waves for a few hours before heading to Ollie’s Point.

Visiting this world-class surf destination is just a glimpse of one morning on his weekend. As a father to Noah, his three-year-old son, and husband to his wife, Tatiana, Brian is home for lunch with the family. Proximity to beauty, nature, and outdoor activities is unsurpassed, and an important reason for residing in Las Catalinas for him and his family.

A Pedestrian Paradise

Another significant aspect that Brian’s daily routine highlights is walkability. Las Catalinas is a car-free town, and you can quickly cross from one side to the other. This delightful stroll within a new urbanism development takes a mere ten minutes. Brian casually mentions his habit of walking home from work during lunchtime, often accompanied by his son joining him on route from preschool. Those enduring even a thirty-minute commute cannot help but feel a tinge of envy at this uncomplicated lunch break and an extra moment of connection to family. Looking ahead a few years, Brian expresses a sense of tranquility in envisioning his son freely running to the grocery store, playing beach soccer, or participating in community events, all without concerns for Noah’s safety due to traffic.

Fostering Community with Engaging Events

Brian elaborates on his week, delving into the upcoming Sunset S’Mores night, occurring every Tuesday, all the outdoor activities and things to do in Las Catalinas, from hiking, to paddleboarding for families. He also notes that a common starting point for most prospective homebuyers is the question, "who lives here?" To which he aptly responds, "community members who hold nature, community, activities, and family, in high esteem." Communal events provide an excellent way of uncovering and exploring the essence of town, mingling with its dynamic residents, and immersing in the culture.

Brian’s residence and work here in Las Catalinas exemplify living life to the fullest, in alignment with town’s ethos. Through his choices, he has crafted a better way to live, work, and play for his family, and for himself.


Las Catalinas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica



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