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Argentines in Uruguay
Argentines in Uruguay
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Montevideo · Punta Del Este
Rioplatense Spanish
Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Other Brazilians in Uruguay

Argentine Uruguayans are people born in Argentina who live in Uruguay. In 2010, there were over 10,000 Argentines living in Uruguayan territory.[2]


Many Argentine-born persons reside in Uruguay, for a number of reasons. Both countries share the same language, culture and ethnicity and their populations bear striking similarities; the historical origins of both nations is common (part of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate, Spanish Empire); both countries are members of MERCOSUR, there is no need for special migration documents, and circulation is relatively easy. Uruguay is a small, quiet country, with wide beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, so many Argentines choose Uruguay as their usual holiday destination, some of them even as permanent residence;[3] Argentine people come to Uruguay in search of a better quality of life.[4] The Uruguayan resort Punta del Este is famous as "the biggest Argentine seaside resort".[5]

The 2011 Uruguayan census revealed 26,782 people who declared Argentina as their country of birth.[6] In 2013, there were almost 6,000 Argentine citizens registered in the Uruguayan social security.[7]

Argentines in Uruguay have their own institutions, such as the Uruguayan-Argentine Institute, a bilingual school in Punta del Este.[8]

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