Along the edge of the Davis Commons parking lot, there is a row of cute little cottages. The question is often asked, "What's up with those little cottages?"

The cottages are part of the Aggie Village development, and are owned and rented out by the owners of the big houses that share the property. The owners of the houses are required to be UC Davis faculty or staff, but they may choose to rent their cottages to anyone. There are 16 cottages total, four on each end of the development and eight around the center courtyard.

Each cottage is a studio+loft. The downstairs is approximately 16'x22', with a living area on one half and a bathroom, closet and kitchen on the other. The bathroom is disproportionately large (about 8'x10'), and the kitchen is, in the default configuration, entirely lacking of counter space, though there is room along the wall if you or the owner chooses to add in your own. The loft is about 14'x10' (about half of that with standing headroom), accessible by ladder, and technically not legal for use as a living/sleeping space, as there is no fire escape, though many people ignore this.

The front yard is fairly spacious, given the small size of the cottage - plenty big enough for a small garden, hot tub, or what have you. Alternating cottages have fences. There is a door leading to the back yard which is shared by the big house. Whether or not the renter has access to the back yard is determined by the owner.

A heating/air conditioning unit is included, and at least one of the upstairs windows opens. The skylight seems to open in some units and not others.

The cottages on the east side are pretty noisy due to their proximity to the parking lot and train tracks. The others are a lot quieter, though you'll still hear the trains at night.

Rent is determined by the owner, but seems to be in the range of $800 a month. Utilities, cable and internet are likely to be cheap or included in rent, as they are billed as part of the big house and not as a separate dwelling. Parking is pretty limited, and by permit only - it's a good location for someone who doesn't drive. However, there is plenty of short term parking nearby for guests.

The cottages are in high demand due to the cuteness factor and their proximity to downtown, UC Davis, the bike path, and the Arboretum. Your best chance of getting in is to be friends with either an owner or current renter, or to keep your eyes open for a "For Rent" sign. Please do not bother the owners or renters unsolicited - they get asked about renting frequently, and it is annoying and unlikely to help your chances.

JessicaLuedtke and PopeChristof lived in one of the cottages.

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