5 Reasons To Invest In A Vacation Rental Close to Home Right Now

by on February 18, 2016 at 10:26 pm

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A budding tech industry, continuous population growth, and booming real estate market have made Seattle’s region one of the fastest growing areas in the country. As a result, thousands of city dwellers will be looking for nearby places to vacation and escape the city. Purchasing a vacation rental home in a popular destination within a short drive from Seattle can prove to be a recession-resistant, multi-faceted investment for both your portfolio and your extended family.

Here are five reasons why you should consider purchasing a vacation rental beach home right now:

  1. The Right Rentals Perform Well Even Through A Recession

The key to a second home investment lies in the consistent residual income from vacation rentals. Such income is only achieved from vacation rentals that are professionally managed and are located in desirable destinations. With the exponential growth of websites like AirBnB and Homeaway (recently acquired by web space giant Expedia), vacation rentals are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for travelers. Even through recession periods, the beach town of Seabrook on the Washington coast saw 25% annual increases in its vacation rental revenue, which was great news for investors and homeowners in this growing destination. The vacation rental industry as a whole is still in its early stage and is positioned for fast growth. Smart real estate investors can capitalize on proven destinations like Seabrook and invest in a second home that will sustain another downturn via its rentability and desirable location.

  1. You Can Still Get In Early In The Market Cycle

The second home market was the last land use segment to enter the early stable stage and it did so just recently, according to a survey by RCLCO, the leading knowledge solutions provider to the real estate industry. As such, second homes have the biggest upside for sustained price and home value growth.

Buying early into a project is exactly the strength that a community like Seabrook on the Washington coast currently provides. Now in its eleventh year, Seabrook is a third of the way to completion, having successfully sustained one of the biggest recessions in recent history. Development of the town’s Main Street – its long-anticipated shopping and dining district – will officially bear fruit this summer, after some 15 shops and restaurants have already thrived in Seabrook’s retail center for several years.

  1. Second Homes Can Become Legacy and Retirement Homes

Owning a share in a company has very little additional value other than the direct return on investment. When owning a second home, you not only invest in a fixed, reliable asset, but you also create a place that becomes a legacy home for multiple family generations. Vacation homes become the places where kids look forward to going every school break and summer. They become part of families’ traditions and lifelong memories.

For those ready for retirement, second homes can turn into partial or full-time residences. "People of all ages yearn for a peaceful, calm, walkable place by the beach where they can stay, live, or retire" says Casey Roloff, founder of Seabrook. That word – walkability – is the key to the success of vacation rental destinations.

  1. Guests Prefer A Walkable Beach Town Environment

There is high demand for beautifully designed homes within a short walk from shops, restaurants, parks, and the beach. Beach towns that have quaint retail districts within close walking distance like Cannon Beach, Carmel, and Monterrey have maintained higher property values due to their popularity with vacationers. Walkability is often used to gauge the life quality of a community or neighborhood, and Roloff says it’s the key to creating welcoming places and special bonds amongst the people in those places. "At Seabrook, all of your daily needs are within a 5-minute walk or bike, and all the homes were designed with people, not cars in mind."

  1. Interest Rates Are Still At Historic Lows Bringing Along Tax Advantages

In December of last year, the Fed hiked its 0% interest rate by a quarter point, with up to 4 more rate increases expected this year. Financing a second home investment is still very favorable for buyers today, but that is likely to change in the near future. In addition to great financing, owners of second homes enjoy many tax benefits. If you are considering purchasing a vacation home, make sure to discuss these advantages with your accountant.

The first two weeks of 2016 were one of the worst ever for US stock indexes. Indexes are now in correction territory for the second time in six months. A fixed, tangible, long-term investment like a second home can diversify and solidify any portfolio. Finding the right combination of an income-earning rental home and a unique vacation destination is the key to a successful second home investment.

Click here to download an online booklet on Seabrook and learn more about how a beach town on the Washington coast has defied all odds. Find out more about Seabrook’s oceanfront and town-side homes currently available at www.seabrookwa.com.

Ivo Andov is the marketing director at the beach town of Seabrook on the Washington Coast. Follow Seabrook @SeabrookWA on Twitter & Instagram. You can email Ivo at [email protected]

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