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Cost for an archway? See pic

I would like to have an arch like this installed in my house. Currently my walls of the entrance go straight to the ceiling. Any idea want something like this would cost to install, texture and paint?


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This is a pretty easy DIY project. Have you checked out Youtube on installing an arch doorway?

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· 8 yr. ago

I feel like the hardest part is cutting the plywood in the arch shape itself. I don't even know what tool I'd use... cut out straight lines then carefully jigsaw the arch in small parts?

But I've never done anything with plaster, sounds like a messy bitch.

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In my opinion, drywall patching is something every homeowner should learn. It is a bit of messy bitch when you start, but after some learning curve, it is not too bad.

As for making an arch, there are lots of ways. Based on your comment, I assume you intend to sandwich plywood around framing. I would cut the plywood sheet to size with a circular saw, and the curve of the arch it in one pass with a jigsaw. You will also need to rip down framing for between the plywood sheets so that the total thickness is 3 1/2"

link us to a video on how you want to proceed, then ask some more questions.

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· 8 yr. ago

Oh I'm not doing it I just looked up a video and got all hypothetical but thank you for your offer.

I could never make a perfect arch in one pass with a jigsaw it would be all wiggled and shitty, not a nice perfectly symmetrical curved line...

And yes the video I found in investigating this post was 2x4 in between plywood.

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Two options:

  • build the arch DOWN from the top of the existing opening

  • remove the material above the top of the existing opening (called a header) and build a new header up near the ceiling with the arch below.

Like the other guy said, framing, drywall, plaster. But also paint. And you may end up painting the entire wall or entire room just to get the fading to match.

Check out the video at http://www.archkit.com/archways/ for a brief DIY example.

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This is a company that makes diy archway kits. The company has an installation video on their site.

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There is framing, drywall & plaster involved. Ballpark, easily $1000 including the texture and paint.

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· 8 yr. ago

You could definitely find a lower bid than that. Try Tumbtack:


Put the job online and let people bid. I had a carpenter frame a door in a spot there was just an opening for $150. It wasn't an arch, just straight across and up to the ceiling, but it came out great and didn't take long.


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